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This training is designed for the aspiring web developers to prepare them well for handling advanced web development projects. The programmers with background knowledge of PHP are highly encouraged to take this course to groom their web development skills. websitedesigningsingapore has designed customized courses for providing Laravel Training in Singapore considering the popularity of this framework to develop advanced and responsive applications.

As professional web development is becoming one of the popular career choices in Singapore Laravel training is the perfect way to develop web development skills. websitedesigningsingapore receives hundreds of weekly inquiries for Laravel courses. Therefore, please feel free to fill up our inquiry or connect via our Facebook page or directly contact us to have your seat reserved in advance for our upcoming Laravel training session.

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Laravel Course Modules

  • What is Laravel
  • Laravel Audience
  • Laravel Prerequisites
  • Laravel Overview
  • Laravel Introduction
  • Laravel Features
  • Laravel Installation
  • Laravel Application Structure
  • Root Directory
  • App Directory
  • Laravel Configuration
  • Basic Configuration
  • Environmental Configuration
  • Database Configuration
  • Naming the Application
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Start Maintenance Mode
  • Stop Maintenance Mode
  • Laravel Routing
  • Basic Routing
  • Routing Parameters
  • Laravel Middleware
  • Define Middleware
  • Register Middleware
  • Middleware Parameters
  • Terminable Middleware


  • Laravel Controllers
  • Basic Controllers
  • Controller Middleware
  • Restful Resource Controllers
  • Implicit Controllers
  • Constructor Injection
  • Method Injection
  • Laravel Request
  • Retrieving the Request URI
  • Retrieving Input
  • Laravel Cookie
  • Creating Cookie
  • Retrieving Cookie
  • Laravel Response
  • Basic Response
  • Attaching Headers
  • Attaching Cookies
  • JSON Response
  • Laravel Views
  • Understanding Views
  • Passing Data to Views
  • Sharing Data with all Views
  • Blade Templates
  • Laravel Redirections
  • Redirecting to Named Routes
  • Redirecting to Controller Actions


  • Laravel Working With Database
  • Connecting to Database
  • Laravel Errors and Logging
  • Laravel Errors
  • Laravel Logging
  • Laravel Forms
  • Laravel Localization
  • Laravel Session
  • Accessing Session Data
  • Storing Session Data
  • Deleting Session Data
  • Laravel Validation
  • Available Validation Rules in Laravel
  • Laravel File Uploading
  • Laravel Sending Email
  • Laravel Ajax
  • Laravel Error Handling
  • report() method
  • render() method
  • HTTP Exceptions
  • Custom Error pages
  • Laravel Event Handling
  • Laravel Facades
  • How to create Facade
  • Facade Class Reference
  • Laravel Security


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